Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Going to the Sun

Glacier National Park, Montana is worlds first international peace park whose boundary extends into Canada and it becomes Waterton Lakes National Park. This park has everything to offer that a travelers musing crave for. Its a haven for wild life ranging from Grizzly bears to mountain goats, trouts to beavers. It offers you immaculate forests, rugged mountains, emerald lakes, beautiful meadows and what not. They call it a hikers paradise and it stands to honor the title. If I have to say where is the paradise in North America... I wont think twice to answer it as Whistler and Glacier NP. Euphoria is the only language that people communicate in this land of wonders enjoying the colorfully carved landscape that is formed with the glacial activities.

I am one of those lucky fellows who got a chance to bike across the parks engineering marvel the Going to the Sun road. It travels drawing a line in the heart of the park through the rocky mountains via the Logan Pass. Logan pass is the highest point on the road overlooking the hidden lake vista point standing somewhere at 6700 ft. The oxbow twists of the road start with a gradual ascent but don't get dishearten if your spirits radiate for a challenge. The road has enough to offer in its climb of 6700ft and it has enough rewards to offer you in its breath taking vista points. Be prepared to share the same road with wildlife (though i was not lucky enough). The solitude that I was seeking was in my lap and i enjoyed every moment of it.

I started from the west entrance of the park while my companions drove off to the hike they had settled on. Its a 18mile ride from west entrance to Logan Pass. Ride started from a creek that flowed into the Lake Mc Donald and passed through all the terrain that the park had to offer. I was the lone rider on the trail and somewhere along the mid way a van stops and a family steps out.

car: "Dude you are nuts"
bike: but isnt it worth being nuts on this trail
car: can I n family have a picture with you
bike: pleasures all mine
car: you need some water
bike I am quenched thanks for the offer

I was well equipped from first aid to energy bars and water. Towards the last 5 miles of the ride the road was under construction and it was dark started raining. I reached the parking of Logan Pass in 4.5 hrs and couldn't help myself from screeching yuhooo while going round n round in joy. In 15 mins or so JG, SB n family arrived Logan Pass and we drove to the east side of the park to our campsite.

The dinner was a delicious trout served on a rice bed and hot chocolate and a huckleberry brewed beer. The next day was full of fun where we all hiked to the Grinell Glacier a 9 mile roundtrip. Though I don't enjoy hikes so much yet I must say that I will never think twice hiking the same trail, I did in Glacier. Standing on the glacier and feeling that ice cold glacial lake was a divine experience for me. The Labor day weekend of September '09 is something that I will never forget. I am so much more in love with nature.

As much as I was delighted to feel the nature the mountains, the lakes, the ice, the woods so was the pristine nature delighted in offering me pleasure. How can I not visit this place again.

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Harshita said...

First of all, Thank God you are back.

I cud visualise the whole place, the way you described it...

I think u r more of a nature's person...I love it the way you get so engrossed in talking abt it that u take the readers along with u on a free-trip...

Hmm... the place feels like heaven by the post...

Wish you many more successful biking trips...have fun...and keep sharing ur experiences... they are awesomely written...(if awesomely is a word ;))