Sunday, December 13, 2009

are you 21…?

Age verification pages on websites ridicule me. Not because they are an extra step to reach the content, instead its a moronic attempt to keep underage kids away. The only analogy i can present here is a 4 ft fat belly 70 yr old bouncer guarding the door of a strip club who doesn’t realize that he is has been just slapped by a 17 yr old. I am not sure but I think since every brewery & distillery has this verification script on their portal its some govt law or regulation… so they are definitely not at fault but I cant resist myself from cursing the authorities who make it mandatory.


Who are they trying to shoo away with this…? People who live in constant fear that some legal org is monitoring their surfing habits or the underage? If later… yes these are the same kids who know how to bypass the childlocks on your DVR and who know how to check their fathers browsing history.

ahh c’mon Century Council you are nothing else but another illogical org like PETA… at least on this ground for sure.

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Sneha said...

You cannot be more correct that age verification is an ineffective tool trying to deter away a motivated browser.

And about the PETA it is nothing more than a self promotion gimmick for celebrities.