Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking forward to a Wheel-to-Wheel

There is just something about some men that once they retire and make a later comeback, you don’t doubt them. Once they attend a press conference declaring a comeback you know how great the next season is going to be and you just cant wait to glue back to your fav sports bars’, bar table.

I am talking about Schumi’s come back. Yeah later last year when Schumacher declared a comeback with Benz it was a unanimous hail of happiness all around, regardless of the followers of F1. I wonder how do people like Lewis Hamilton feel in their heart who grew up watching the legend and then get a chance to compete against him. When Schumi declares his come back you don’t have a slightest doubt on his skills. They say victory belongs to the most preserving and what better clutches can it be in other than Schumi.

Some athletes and sportsmen belong to a league of legends who are born for glory, and radiate inspiration. Name to some: Lance Armstrong, Valentino Rossi, Michael Schumacher, Sachin Tendulkar. Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Tiger Woods, Zinedine Zidane. Whether they stay away from sports or do whatever they want but once they declare that they are back in the game… you know they will be on the Hall of Fame again.

Skill and confidence are an unconquered army
George Herbert

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praj said...

yeah ,the comeback is with a much more strong passion to achieve.
and nothing cud beat the passion to win !