Sunday, March 14, 2010

Green Zone

How about if I open a statement with something like “If you don’t agree to me then you are ignorant

Well that's exactly how Time(magazine) is promoting the movie Green Zone.

If you’re not gripped and terrified by the movie, you haven’t been paying attention

…n i think that’s a lame attempt to make people agree with ones own opinion.

Well to speak for myself I was waiting for this movie, I stepped out of office approximately 2 hrs earlier just to watch the movie on its first week. P. Greengrass impressed me with the last 2 works of his in the name of Bourne and Matt Damon, there's no question about his abilities to act. So you cannot say that I wasn't paying attention if I wasn't “gripped or terrified” by the movie, because I was not.

Time (magazine) states:

Greenzone has fullness of character, a density of detail, a cunning mystery plot and so much stuff blowing up that audiences might not realize they’re seeing an Iraq war film. They’ll be too scared stiff enjoying themselves.

None of it is what I felt. In the name of mystery any dumb ass can figure out that Freddie will kill Al Rawi. The fuck up that happened in Iraq war is no news or surprise to anyone today. At one point the author of article says, that Matt Damon goes Rambo, go and watch Rambo. Matt Damon wasn’t even close to being a one man army.

The story had a great potential but turned out to be a sheer disappointment to me. I gave up on Newsweek last year primarily because of Fareed Zakaria and his stupid opinions and I think I will be giving up on Time soon because of Joe Klein and this kind a promotion of big banner.

Original Article from Time is here.


Deepika said...

I believe promotion strategy wasn't that bad.... Though its a different thing that the movie was not worth it..

Aevi said...

i dont have any problems with the promotion strategy what i dont like is promotion through journalism.