Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who’s Whose Bitch…

Well, its so confusing in the motor world, and its easy to loose track of which company is owned by whom. Car companies in past 5 decades have been played around like the share trading. You have to think twice before vouching for your favorite engine, as you never know whether its still in the hands of Germans or the Italians or the yankees took over it (n now TATAs in the game too).

The dynamics of this industry is always on the move with mergers, models, takeover's etc. Needless to say that then there are other companies which take the engine and remaster it to push it over the limits like Pagani Zonda who love the German V12 from Mercedes-Benz AMG.

Maserati one of the the known names with a glorious past in racing history and a established brand from Italy, did a miracle in 2008 on a Enzo engine establishing the fastest lap time on Nurburgring in 2008 (before DidgeViper 2009 smoked it out) is a classic case. They have made some of the most beautiful and powerful cars for roads and tracks. As an independent company was butchered by French Citroen, followed by the Argentinian De Tomaso which had to partner with Chrysler and then finally after a long wait back in the hands of Italians Fiat, Ferrari, and now Alfa Romeo.