Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tickles from Seattle - 11

AgentA: m going to Vancouver to eat
JG : I've been there too... great food specially the desi food. Do you know theres a dhaba o'er there?
AgentA: Is that so...? m going to check it out...
JG: Yeah you must... its brilliant. They serve parathas and the ambiance is like a dhaba in India.

-----------------trip to vancover, couldnt find the dhaba-----------------

AgentA: I couldnt find the place dude.... neither its listed anywhere online...
JG : huh really...?
AgentA: yeah so where is it...? u've been there right?
JG: Actually i haven't been there ever i heard pple talking about it. They must be talking about some other city 'en... i guess