Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year 2010

...has been really eventful year for me. I changed teams at work, which I was very paranoid about, but turned out to be one of the best decisions I took this year. Works great, was busy Mar-Nov with a 60hour week every month, and was so burned out that every long weekend I made some memorable trips, attended some amazing concerts and really great parties.

Another great thing this year was my Seattle to Portland 200mile bike ride. I always wanted to do it and was training last year for it.

Intersting change that happened this year is that with my work schedule I didnt get chance to update my blog, my RSS feed reading trends have tumbled to a life time low (~8000 skimmed articles a month to ~700 a month) , havent read a lot of books this year, havent spoken to family and friends as often as I would like to, been a leach at review sites by not leaving my opinons on places I visited or electronics I bought or books I read, and have got a beer belly.

Well, thats the dynamics of life... Looking forward to what 2011 has to offer.