Saturday, March 03, 2012

Riding Around Seattle

Where have I been...? Out Riding. Last year I bought a Ducati Monster 620D, and a classic Ducati GT1000. There is something about cafe racers and naked motorcycles, that draws me towards them.

The GT1000 is a classic rare motorbike and the chrome finish that I have was out in the market for only 2009. As a reminiscent of the ‘70s, this motorcycle appeals to those, who always wanted to live the '70s days when cafe racers flaunted spoked wheels with clip-ons and chrome.

And then ofcourse my lovely Ducati Monster. Nothing represents more of Ducati than a monster. A model, an
engine for every enthusist. This motorcycle alone rules the world of naked bikes since '93 and is still a queen of hearts. This is easiest and lightest to ride and affordable to maintain. Its a great biggners ride which has ample torque to offer.

Everytime I hop on that saddle, it feels to be a part of great ducati sportclassics history.

Four wheels always make me smile. When on 2 wheels my soul smiles.

Ride into this world, all alone.
God takes your soul, you're on your own.
The crow flies straight, a perfect line,
on the devil's bed, until you die.
Gotta' look this life in the eye.
-This Life (Curtis Stingers & Dave Kushner)


Swats said...

Woah!!! I didn't know u so crazy abt!

Loved the quote!! v inspiring..

Jeena Mathew said...

You're back!!! :) Miss you!

Deepika said...

Guys are generally crazy about good bikes...
I am not a biker though...but I am sure it must be a good feel!